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  • To always tell you exactly what you need, and what you should be doing with your finances. It will always be the truth, even if it hurts. Always remember, The Truth Has No Agenda!

  • To always provide service to our clients, even if it's a solution we did not sell them. We live by one simple phrase for our service commitment: "We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give".

  • We believe our phone rings for only two reasons, because people want to buy or they have a problem. Either way it must be handled immediately. Our current clients can attest that we return all calls, every time.

  • To always be a resource to our clients... Both in products offered, knowledge and information. We do not get any financial kick-backs from anybody that we recomend to you.

  • To help you settle and clear up your estate matters faster than any other firm. We make this happen by being the best in this area of our practice.


  • Probate Simplicity

  • Faster Probate

  • Fee Reductions 

  • Estate Settlements - We Are The Best!

  • Preservation of Your Assets

  • Protecting Your Income & Your Beneficiaries

  • 401k & IRA Rollovers

  • 401k Lifetime Income Provisions

  • 401k & Savings Risk Protection

  • 401k & Retirement Income Planning


Need A Speaker At Your Next Meeting!

Make your next meeting something that will benefit entire families for generations to come.

List of Available Topics

  • Annuity Seminar
  • Lump-Sum Pension Rollovers - How To Avoid 20% Penalty
  • Estate Tax Seminar
  • Maximizing Pension Benefits
  • Estate Settlements - Avoid The High Cost And Learn How To Speed It Up!
  • Making Taxable Money... Tax-Free To Your Children
  • Tax - Free Retirement
  • Overall Education On A Variety Of Products

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