401k, IRA, or CD?

Do you have a CD coming due soon? Don't just let it renew. Move it to your checking until you meet with us. Our solutions keep your money safe, beats the bank rates, and improve your liquidity.


To learn more about how to roll over your 401k & IRA Plans    click here to write us or call us at:     330-854-1144. You don't want your retirement dollars based on a hunch. Turn your 401k into income for life.


Would You Like To Have A Guaranteed Lifetime Income? Receive 5% For Life! Call To Get The Details. Everyone Should Have Some Of Their Money In A Place That Generates Lifetime Income.


Index Rate Earning 3-7%
Twice the liquidity offered by a cd! 
(most popular solution purchased by consumers today) 


Call & learn how to get a 10% Bonus on your money!

(Perfect for 401k's or IRA's That Will Be Turned Into Income Later, Specifically Designed To Protect; Without The High Fees & Risks Of Other Plan Types) 


The Ultimate Gift

 Ask us how to create a Legacy for your family tax-free! Call!


Estate Matters

Need help clearing up estate matters for a loved one or friend? Call us and we will help you resolve the problems other advisors create fast and efficiently! Need an attorney click on our "links" section.

*Upon request, a brochure with all the proper disclosures on any of the products will be sent to you.*