Our Firm

Senior Financial Group - a unique firm with over 40yrs of experience, focused on the needs & concerns of senior citizens, in matters concerning annuities, insurance, tax planning strategies, estate conservation & preservation, and helping individuals with estate settlements.

Our First Focus:  Preservation of your capital in making sure you never lose value. We never place our client's principal at risk!


Our Second Focus:  We want Senior Financial Group to be the first company that comes to your mind when you think about solutions that "Protect" and yes "Grow" your money! 


Our Core Principal Is Simple:  Truth Has No Agenda!


Our firm was formed as a result of seeing way too many professionals trying to be a "Jack-Of-All-Trades". Our belief is you should do business with an expert in his field. Hence, the formation of Senior Financial Group. We are the experts in areas that are of concern to the 55 and over market who are mostly concerned about not losing their hard earned and saved money. Clients come to us because they no longer want to "ride the roller coaster of the markets" or play the Vegas of Wall Street. Our average client is 62 years of age, while our oldest is currently 92.

Senior Financial Group has been focused in this area since its inception and continues to be a leading company working on behalf of our "safety conscious" clients. They believe the money they have saved is not worth risking in volatile types of investments that have repeated market losses time and time again. They come to us to eliminate any risk for losses while keeping their money safe. This does not mean however that they don't want their money to grow. Our clients still have potential for growth.

Finally, we have added our radio ministry to our education process. Catch our education program through our local radio affiliates by going to the "On The Radio" link in our web site. This program is strictly for education, not as investment advice. Listen and learn. This program is designed to help you ask the questions of your current advisor and to lead you to getting a second opinion.

We think you will find the advisors on Senior Financial Group's staff, able to safely & correctly position your finances so you can sleep at night. While keeping in mind safety, liquidity, and the ability to pass your assets to the next generation, we will help you meet your goals!


Typical Objectives Our Clients are Searching For:

Preserving, Protecting, and Creating Personal Wealth

Securing Your Retirement Income

Making Retirement Income Guaranteed For Life

Inflation Protection

Reducing Your Fees

Creating Legacies For Family & Children

Sleep Insurance or Peace Of Mind

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