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2022 Year Of Change

As I write this blog today my thoughts are that it is a marker in time. 2022 will bring about many changes and some of those changes will be as they say a line in the sand. Markets have seen 13yrs since the last big market correction (2008). It is abnormal to think it will continue to go up forever, right? Yet, the Fed continues to manipulate and change the "core" of how the market actually has worked for over 100yrs. It's not real. When the reckoning comes to reality, how will it impact your retirement or your future dollars? it is up to you to install core market principles back into your portfolio. Wait and panic later, plan and sleep well when it happens. It is not meant to be frightening, more of a reminder of getting back to basics. I just read the only thing harder to making money in the market is keeping it after you have made some. Are you setting in motion plans to keep yours? We believe you should protect some gains and focus on safety. Always remember markets are about forward looking not backwards. Where do you think it is headed.

It is an election year, so you are going to hear a bunch of lies for the next 11 months. Shameful, but that is what media and politicians do during this time. You have to decide right now to do your own home work with the understanding that Big Tech is in the business of suppression. They pick right up front, who they want and bury the rest in banning them from platforms or burying them in the search profiles & logarithms. Sure there is a lot of information on tech platforms, but it doesn't not mean it has not been manipulated, pushed at you, or suppressed from your view. Just because you do a search on it, doesn't mean it is the Gospel or the truth. Leave and get off the platforms you do not trust, don't support them. Understand your government is in the propaganda business as well. You must stand up and speak out to get the person you want to be heard. At the same time you must call out big government and get it shrunk. Every day government gets bigger, your rights get squandered or smaller. They really do not care about you, the individual or your individual rights. Many in public office simply do not believe in America. We highly recommend reading American Marxism, by Mark Levin Another new book coming out in a couple days The Great Reset, by Glenn Beck. Michael Rectenwald also just wrote a great piece on the Great Reset. learn where they want to take us and you can decide if it is what you want.

Finally, maybe this year we will learn that a virus is still just a virus. Some slight different then others. Numbers and stats don't lie. From the beginning we have said that if you take the amount of deaths and divide it by the population in Ohio the death rate based on population was .25% over two years. If you divide it by 2 (the 2yrs since the start of the virus) it averages just .12% per year. Now that is a little over 1/10th of one percent and still less than heart disease and cancer deaths. The total US numbers are similar based on US population. Now look everybody wants to live, but we simply don't live forever; we are human. Prior to this virus almost 8000 people died every single day in the US and nobody stopped working, hid in the basements, randomly tested for stuff, or ran around with fear that they were going to catch something. We have to move past this or it is over for this country. The best way to move forward is to get healthy, exercise, get outside and breathe fresh air, lose weight, remove stress from our life, get our vitamin levels right, and enjoy each day as God intended us to do. Our govt is suppressing treatments for those who are sick and that's wrong. Our own treatment regime is to be as healthy as we can and enjoy life. There will always be a virus out there, there always have been. We have gotten through all of the others, we will come out on the other side of this one. Hear this though, we do not need to give up all of our freedoms, rights, and privacy to get through it. We do not need to change the country to get through it. Stand on Truth. Stand on Principle. Stand on the Word of God.

Have a great 2022!