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The Savior Is Born! Hope is Alive

It all seems so simple. God puts forth His only Son to lead our way and to forgive us, forever. As we know the story it seemed so simple. In fact is was so hard for Mary and Joseph. They didn't have means, they didn't have birthing suites, there was no baby shower, no celebration, and much doubt as to how they were at this place in their lives. Where the Son of God is born is one of the places that most would never even think of staying in or sleeping in even today, yet it is here that Jesus is born, Hope was born. This is the story of our lives, in that it is not always or maybe never the best of circumstances, but we need to know that God is working behind the scenes for our good, for our opportunities, for our chances, in our lives if just believe in it; in Him. The Hope of one child is to teach us love, giving, grace, peace, and forgiveness.


Our world is a little nuts right now. As they try to separate us, drive us under, turn us against each other we must once again believe in a star that will lead us to Hope. It is not a movie star, not a rock star, not a TV star, not even a government official thinking he is a star; It is the star of "The Birth", the star of hope, the birth of the Savior. It is with this belief that we understand we are not alone, we are loved, we are forgiven and we can be the light for the next person. We can move ahead knowing he is working for us, for our good even when we think he is not.


May the Love of God and the blessing he has brought and given to us be with you each day. From our family to yours, Merry Christmas! God Bless you all.