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Are You Ready?

Are you ready for what comes next? Is your portfolio in balance? Have you taken some gains and protected them? Have you second-guessed the Vegas of Wall Street yet? Is it time to put some aside in the safe place yet?

As the Biden team looks to kill the airline & travel industry, the energy sector, the auto industry, the dollar, the Constitution, your neighborhoods, election laws, policing, Medicare, social security, and i could go on and on, it is time to recognize that the investments you thought would never fall and the government would protect, may act differently moving forward. It may be time to take a more protective stand on your principal and what you have accumulated. If they get their way they will also drastically increase taxes and don't let them fool you, it is not about taxing the rich. As we have discussed many times on our radio program they could take all of the money from the rich and it would not be enough to meet their lofty goals. From homes, to farms, to small businesses they want it all. It is their goal that only the ones working with them survive, all others get crushed. Nancy Pelosi recently said capitalism is no good and it doesn't work for us anymore. I wonder what she thinks is the answer since she and her husband are enormously rich. I wonder why she has not donated all of that wealth to the IRS for her mission and goals.

We always encourage you to read others. We like Real Investment,, John Hussman of the Hussman Funds, weekly commentary, we like Mark Levin's book American Marxism. The goal is to look for weakness in the markets while understanding it has never been up this long. I would argue the only reason it is, is due to excessive money printing. Money printing never ends well for the dollar or your "real" value of your 401k. You think you have had great gains, but the dollar is buying less - smoke and mirrors! This week I read a story explaining that the world is over 300 trillion in debt. The new modern monetary theory is that debt is great and everybody can have as much of it as they want. We know that is wrong and it is a lie in the rules of finance or your credit card would never have a limit. Funny how you have been limited but they think they don't need limits because they "know what they are doing with your money".

At the end of the day as we always say keep it simple. Simplicity and common sense are always the best solutions. You never build a roof in homebuilding first, it must always be the brick and mortar of the foundation. In order to keep gains, you must sell what you want to keep, get out of the markets, and do something different with those funds. Markets have always worked in cycles. The only reason this cycle has been delayed so long is the shear velocity of their money printing. This looks good on paper until inflation eats it, or the market reacts to something and takes it back. You work about 90,000 hours to age 65 to accumulate it by saving, then investing, but now it is time to start thinking about preserving before it hits the fan. Are you ready?