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Spend Our Way Out? More Taxes Coming.

As our politicians continue to spend us into oblivion under priorities called pandemics, infrastructure, and next it's climate change we have to ask how it impacts us, our money, our retirement and America's future.

As a country we are already spending much, much, more than we take in; Can i hear you say increase my taxes. We are planning on spending incredibly even more amounts above that; Can i hear you say I love inflation and higher prices. Our politicians show no desire to limit federal spending in any way and this causes the cost to service the debt go higher and create a continued system of false projections and financial lies; Can i hear you say the destruction of the dollar. Eventually they will say the only way to fix this is to digitize the dollar meaning full blown digital currency; Can i hear you say welcome to Marxism. How does it all get paid for? Can i hear you say more taxes, more inflation, or you have to much we will give it to someone else.

This agenda of the New Monetary Theory our politicians have us on is pretty scary. It throws common sense out the window when it comes to finances and you are supposed to believe they know what they are doing. Some call it Marxism, some call it The Great Reset, I will just call it financially stupid. Politicians make decisions about money that have zero sound financial principals embedded in them. They spend money in any fashion they want because they think it belongs to them. One day if we do not return to spending less than what we take in, using a flat tax or fair tax to give them only what balances the budget, and finally clipping their wings on spending money that is not theirs, we will no longer be America. We are approaching a tipping point that we may never be able to come back from. People who don't like America would say that a good thing. They can leave-there is the door and leave your passport on the way out. I love America and want it to again one day be based on sound financial principals and the Christian ethics it was based on.

We must call out these politicians and poor financial practices. We must remind them it is not your money to squander. This money was built off the back of laborers, business owners, hard working citizens of the American Dream. If you cannot stop squandering the money, give it back to the people. Citizens can properly decide who needs help and who doesn't instead of politicians dumb ideas that just keeps people in poverty. Americans are about freedom, we choose freedom, we will not let you steal that from us. It is time for the politicians to start fighting for America and Freedom, or we vote them out. You cannot spend your way out of your stupid ideas with the peoples money through taxation and regulation. It is time to get back to financial ideas and principals that make sense. It is time to quickly bring back what our founders created - a limited form of the federal government. This has gotten too big, unaccountable, and is blowing up our free and prosperous America. It is time to reign in the politicians for good..

I don't know how long this video will stay up with all of the censoring going on, but here is a video that explains from history how we got here. It is almost an hour long but worth it.

Pray for America, get involved, and speak out.