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Dont' Put It Off

We are already into the second half of the year. What is it that you said you would get done but haven't? I know, we can make a list right? Maybe high on the priority list should be a review of your portfolio or getting a second opinion.


We teach on our weekly radio program a couple simple tips: Know what it cost to buy the investments you hold, know what it cost to own them, know what it cost to sell them or get out of them, and finally know if you are paying any money management fees to your advisor. These are four simple questions you should know about your portfolio and the investments within it. If you do not then might we suggest a second opinion.


You may know the answers or you may have put off trying to find out. We have been teaching this for 12yrs over the air waves. Time goes by so fast. Many people put off a lot of reviews last year, a lot of changes, and yes maybe even some opportunities. Like a doctor visit you should only put it off so long. We are already into the second half of this year and the markets are flying high. The one thing we know about markets-they are kind of like Ohio weather-always subject to change. Be proactive to changing markets and rates, not reactive. This helps you to make decisions in the right frame of mind. If we can be of help with our 40yrs of experience, let us know.