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Independence Day

When the founders wrote the Declaration of Independence it was to put forth their intentions to leave Britain and start their own thing, as well they listed all of their issues that had been brought to bear against them. It had to be scary, right? Can you imagine if the people of today wanted to do that? The courage it must have taken to leave everything behind that was their "system" of doing things to say no that doesn't work and it is intrusive in our lives. To know that by just mentioning you were breaking away or speaking out my result in your persecution or even death. Almost sounds like being silenced by a tech company today, right?

We have spent 245 years using the founders framework through the Declaration, the Constitution, and The Bill of Rights as our path. It has worked well to bring freedom, independence, and opportunity not to just a country, but to it's free citizens. Many would like you to believe that being more global is better than thinking America First. Don't you think other countries believe and take pride in their countries first too; of course they do. Many would like you to think that believing in America, the flag, our independence, and the freedom to guide our own destiny is wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is simple stuff really, if you join a team that represents America and win, then you stand for our flag. If you don't believe in our flag, then you will not play for our team. If you do not believe in this country then you are free to leave, don't come back as we have enough people crashing our borders who do believe in the opportunity. Just listen to why they come.

We must stand up and declare who we are and what is important to us. We cannot stay silent while others try to take this idea of America away from us. Our government is too big and keeps growing by the day. They are mismanaged and cannot control their spending.  Politicians want to destroy this country and our currency with their spending. Let us declare our independence from big government, tech monopolies, politicians promises, open borders, globalism , Marxism, and those who represent it. We do this by voting out those who seek to destroy us and replacing them with people who believe in America, American ideals, the flag, all that we stand for. I must encourage you to immediately order Mark Levin's new book "American Marxism". It is already here and you should read about it from one of the best.

So on this July 4th, let us truly celebrate Independence Day and all it stands for, and all that has been accomplished since of the first celebration, and the many that have followed. It is not just another day off work, It is a celebration of the greatest country on the face of the earth. I want to also encourage you to listen to a great song by the Gaither Vocal Band titled "Let Freedom Ring". It will give you chills. God Bless this great country and all who celebrate it with us.