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Flag Day-America Strong

It Seems there is so much media driving the idea of America is not so great. I simply cannot agree with that at all. As we get closer to the 4th of July I hope we can dig out that pride and greatness in ourselves and in our country. I still get goosebumps and still shed a couple tears when I hear the National Anthem or see a great story about how our veterans who have protected this country and flag all of these years. We need more American flags.


Maybe the assignment should be to go back and learn how we got here. Nine Line Apparel, a great clothing company has a shirt that says, "it doesn't need to be re-written-it just needs to be re-read" referring to the constitution. Nothing could be more true than that. Whatever our lot in life, we understand that the opportunities that still exist here today are greater than most of the many other countries on the planet. Many would like to change that and makes us more like them; No thank you! I am happy to stay American proud.


So the next time you hear a story, or you see someone on the news, or on the web say that our flag "triggers " them, politely tell them there is the door and leave your passport when you go. We love our flag. We love this country. We love the American family and all that it stands for. As you make plans to celebrate in the coming weeks, do so with Pride, with Honor, and with the understanding of the Courage & Sacrifice that so many have given before you even came along. Live America Strong every day.