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Awareness Month

June is Annuity Awareness Month. You will see by many other media outlets bring attention directed towards learning about how an annuity can help you meet some of your retirement goals, your income goals, and the protection of your hard earned retirement dollars.


In a video on our web site it talks about how during your savings years until you retire, you have worked over 90,000 hours to accumulate your retirement savings. As you approach or are in retirement the focus becomes how you use those funds to generate income and protection for the balance of your years in retirement. The annuity is the only investment vehicle that can provide a lifetime income that is guaranteed, making your hard earned assets capable of generating a pension like your grandparents had. Because pensions aren't around much any more, the responsibility falls on you to turn that lump sum of money into income, and then make sure it lasts. Annuities were created for just that and it is just one of their many uses. They should also be a foundational part of most retirement portfolios today.


As you search for knowledge on the subject you will hear good and bad about annuities and like everything it pays to know the truth. We encourage you to give us a call or email us at Senior Financial Group if you want to learn more. Let our 40 years of experience help you retire with confidence. Running out of money is the #1 concern in every survey for retirees. It doesn't have to be. We have taught many classes on annuities and would love to help you learn too. Live Life.