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Happy Memorial Day

As we remember those who have been lost this Memorial Day, we must remember what their sacrifice was for; Freedom!

American was built on the idea that we could be free to decide for ourselves how to best live, free from the demands, requirements, and tryranny of England. Coming through that our Founders created the Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, and our Bill of Rights to start. It is these ideals that individuals flock to our borders and want a piece of, the dream for so many is just freedom.

As we pray on this day of rememberance, let us also pray for our politicians to stand for liberty, stand for freedom, and continue to defend the documents that they swore to uphold, and so many who have gone before us thought was worth defending even with their lives. Let us always remember these three documents. They are not old, tattered, or out-dated, instead they stand for the backbone of a nation and ideals worth defending.

On this Memorial Day, may God continue to bless the families who have served and may He continue to bless this great nation. God Bless The Fallen. God Bless America!