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Times Goes So Fast

Isn't it funny how things just seem to go by so fast. This year is an important year for Senior Financial Group as we celebrate our 40th year. It is an exciting time and we are proud to have served our clients and the relationships we have built. We pride ourselves on that service and look forward to our continued growth in the years ahead.

As life changes other things are more important, right? Your kids successes, your grandkids first score in their sport, good health, and many more. We have been amazed at the growth of our first grandchild, Lyria who is now 14 months old. She went from being a baby to this child now walking, and soon enough will move on to a little girl and even be in school. The time just goes by so fast.

When it comes to your retirement planning, income planning, rollovers, legal document updating, and so much more don't let time slip you by. Many wait until their funds lose money to make changes. Many wait until a bad event takes place to trigger the action. We like to say one step at a time. Do a little with each step and just like the kids growing up, you will have completed the essentials to retirement before you know it. We can help. Call us at 330-854-1144 or send us an email from the home page. Life is great! Enjoy each day. Live life.