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Good or Evil?

It seems like their is a war going on right? Not in some other country, not in politics, not in the media. It really feels like their is a war going on for good versus evil. You can just feel it, can't you?

As the media, our government, and the narrative continues to try to keep us apart and pit us against one another... We must come together. It is truly a spiritual war coming for our kids, our families, and our way of life. You can blame a lot of people and stuff for how we have gotten to this point, but we must stop it. How can we do that?

Spend some time in prayer asking God to protect you and your family. Understand the crap "they" tell you is important or is leading the news cycle is not important. They are trying to distract you from what made this country great and it was built upon - Faith & Family. All of the other stuff is noise so just turn it down, turn it off, and tune it out.

The story of America is undeniable and has come to its greatness clearly with Divine help. As we approach Christmas make the commitment to put aside all the distractions and noise, come together to celebrate the birth that led to our forgiveness. Lord grant us peace.