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America's Greatness Now & Forever

We all understand each one of us have some faults (there is only One who is perfect), combined to form this great country even with those admitted short comings. Together though, we have grown as a nation to form something so special over the last almost 250 years, that people come from all over the world just to have a chance to be a part of it. Together America and Americans have proven through strife of all types if we stand together we win-we get through it-we get better. This has been proven through every great crisis Americans have ever faced. This greatness of America and its ability to pull together from within has been why we have lasted while other empires have fallen over time. I would like to see that continue wouldn't you?

We simply cannot allow our leaders to create and push policies that put other countries, other peoples, other globalist ideas ahead of America and its people. What is wrong with America being great or being a leader for freedom of its own citizens from the ideas that just simply have not worked in other parts of the world. America's ideals are special and were created with divine providence. When leaders make a speech that says if you do not agree with them or their ideas then you are an extremist, then something has gone terribly wrong. Clearly that person is no longer the definition of a leader, but a divider. America does not survive divided so how can this be their plan or more importantly what are they up to? Americans must start asking more questions. The media is not. Social Media is censoring and is not asking either. The government has expanded entirely too big and is out of control. We must vote for leaders who are for smaller government, not expanding the government and its agencies before it is too late. Besides they have already spent the money to fund anything else for many years to come.

Other countries fly their own flags with pride. Their citizens love their country and believe their country is great, why is it so many here think America is not great? Why do our leaders question our pride or loyalty to America's greatness. We want that and so should you. Why do they believe America needs so much change? Why do they think it is so important to bring us down to the level of other countries in the world who are doing so well and destroy our dollar at the same time. We have fought many wars over the years for the freedoms that endure here, for families, for churches, for freedom of speech, and so much more. Would you throw that all away to allow some other country's ideas to be implemented here? Would you give up even more of your freedoms for the global ideas being pushed across the world and pushed here as well?

I am simply good with the idea that we live in the greatest country ever blessed by the Hand of God. We should vote out politicians who do not believe in the greatness of America or are ashamed to say it. We must vote out the ones who think anybody can just come here as if it is not a special place to be protected from boirder invasions. We must vote out the ones who are constantly trying to divide us. America only survives together. Everyone gets the opportunity to be as great as they want to be or live as simple as a life as they want to live, but not as slaves to an over-bearing, over-taxing, ever-growing, ever crushing government. The thing is, we do it together we do it as one America. We do it free from government needling. It is perfectly fine to believe in the greatness of America, believe in God, and believe our family is the center of our future. America's greatness was built around God, family, and opportunity. We should not and will not be divided by speeches, politicians, and our government. Together we lift each other up.

America is great-Now & Forever! Believe it and proclaim it together out loud.