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This Time Is Different

Any time markets run into any trouble the media quickly states that it is different this time and to stay in. They always state you don't want to miss out by jumping out. So when is the right time to invest and when is the right time to get out? We all know the answer it is buy low and sell high, right? Well not so fast; how does an industry paid by fees make money if you jump out? They want you in trust me. So only three things happen in the markets, they go up, they go down or they go sideways. Common sense says to get out when you make money. Does it matter if you get to keep what you have earned or even what you started with as long as you get to play the game. In the old movie War Games the computer was playing Bio-Thermal Nuclear War and it had learn that possiblly going through the destruction of the world before it realized this is not a good game to be playing. After figuring it out by playing a simple game of Tic Tac Toe the computer realized that there is not a winner in every game. What are the computers of trading, the computers of the markets, and the computers of regulation playing with your hard earned dollars. If you stay you may win or lose, if you sell you can decide if you will have gains or losses, if you buy in now the game goes on. If you are going to play the game, it is important to know where you are in the game. Markets up, markets down, or markets sideways. In only one of those scenarios do you win-markets up. It is always important to take gains when you have them and to protect them. In retirement one must wonder if it is even smart to play the game with our accumulation that has been saved for our future? You only get one shot at this. You have spent a long time saving and accumulating your retirement savings, lets make sure you can keep it so it can be used for your income. Like the computer in the movie then we can say, wouldn't you prefer a game of chess? Be smart and keep what you have earned as that is the only game in town worth playing.