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What Is Our Path Forward?

The start of 2022 has been anything but clear sailing for sure. Our government has proven once again to me why we need smaller government with smaller interaction on the great people of our country. It seems they simply want us to have less money, less power in the world, less rights, less freedoms, and less to dream about for the greatness of America or our own lives. They simply want us to have less.

Once again the greatness of this nation was built on the nuclear family, belief in God, belief in the ability to have and control our own destiny without the interference of our government. We have the freedom to choose our destiny. Now we have to add in the interference of "tech" in coordination or working with and for the government. We the people are better decision makers of what to do with our hard earned money versus, sending it to DC for them to pass out bread crumbs after they take what they want for themselves and their pet causes. You have to ask the questions like why would they want to destroy America, or why would they not want us to be leader and beacon for freedom and democracy? Why would they not want us to have our freedoms? It is clear to me they simply do not believe in America or the dream of America anymore-How about you? I still believe in the greatness of our country and its people. Based on our open border, a lot of other people in the world believe in the same thing. We must not let our politicians, judges, and so called elites destroy it.

During the last two years they have purposefully tried to separate us and pin us against each other. They have tried to keep us out of the churches or believe in anything but them. They believe they know what is best for us and we are too stupid to understand. We come out of this by sticking together, supporting each other, and acting by faith in our God. God is always working for our good. The government never is. It is too big and only cares about its own sustainability. The virus was a blip in our lives, in our population. The elite are trying to crush the souls of many, many more than the virus ever could. I encourage you to read Mark Levin's book "American Marxism" and Glenn Beck's book "The Great Reset". These two books along with the Bible will help you see the Path Forward.